EP (2013​-​2014)

by Elementals

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These songs were recorded throughout November 2013 to March 2014 with my old band, The Apollohs, which consisted of:

Jason Koster - Drums/Percussion
Kyle Code - Bass

Somewhere in the midst of our recording sessions the band came to an end and I was left with a decision to either stop recording, release it as a posthumous album, or, take the songs that I had wrote, find a new band and continue the recording of this album. After talking with Jason and Kyle they both approved my decision to finish the album and release it under a new name with a new band. After finishing the record in March of 2014 with Isaac McFaul, I left it to him and Tyler (Ty) Black to mix and master. I began reaching out to fellow musicians I knew stating that I was looking for a new band. After receiving lots of great opportunities to jam with some amazing people, my good friend, Jamie Speck, who was, at that time, the drummer of both The Arcanes and Pretty Little Death Machine, (which happened to be the band Ty Black fronted as well) later texted me saying that he was interested in setting up a jam with him, Rick Vaughan (who fronted The Arcanes), and myself. At first I was nervous to accept, being that Jamie was already in two bands, I figured he wouldn't be able to give the kind of commitment I would expect. This later ceased to be an issue when both The Arcanes and PLDM unfortunately disbanded roughly around the same time, leaving us three with only one option.

Elementals had their first practice on January 5th 2014 at Rick's house just outside of Almonte in his basement where The Apollohs had recorded their first EP. All three of us practiced hard to learn the songs that were being mixed and mastered in the studio. We quickly landed our first gig on the 31st of January at Zaphods in Ottawa, opening for The Dead Bees and Toronto band, The Beaches. It felt good to feel a part of something again, to be able to scream and jump around and voice myself again. This tribe we had created was beautiful, and it felt closer and tighter than anything I had ever been a part of before.

We begin our first recording session with Stefan Jurewicz at Leaky B's Lava Lounge on March 2nd and we cannot tell you how fucking excited we are to finally be releasing music that is truly Elementals.

I hope you enjoy this record, I cannot thank all of you enough for your continuous support, I promise you it does not go unnoticed.

Love always.

- Cody Smith (Elementals)

ps, "elementals" was actually an album title I suggested for this record when Apollohs were recording, so, in a way, the spirit of The Apollohs will always live on through our music, peace.


released October 31, 2014

Jason Koster: Drums
Kyle Code: Bass Guitar
Cody Smith: Guitar / Vocals

Lyrics written by Cody Smith.

"Interlude" written and performed by Rick Vaughan

Guest Vocals on "People As Flowers" performed by Kara Askwith

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered at Sonic Weapon Studios (Ottawa) by Isaac McFaul and Ty Black.




all rights reserved


Elementals Ottawa, Ontario

Elementals are sons of the small town of Almonte, Ontario. Born in plaid with a smoker's cough. They are a gang.
A family with a drinking problem,
and a tendency to create honest music.
Sometimes it's just noise and screaming,
but that's what they're about;
and love,
all at the same time.

Cody Smith - Guitar/Vox
Sheehan Jordan - Guitar/Aux/Vocals
Duncan Reitböck - Bass
Jamie Speck - Drums
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Track Name: Cali Sun
I was born in a California Sun.
someone tell me how, someone tell me now, where's my soul?
I don't really care or have a fear at all.
Dancing in the sky, mellow in the high and low.

I learned to play the flute just for you.
So long, I'll wait for you in the blue.

I awoke from a California buzz.
Staring at the sky and the sea of lies I chose.
Am I really here or am I getting old?
Lost in the night of glowing lights and flow.
Track Name: Deconstructionist
Everyone I know seems so afraid
How come only I have gone insane?
I love how your eyes illuminate
Everything I create I erase

You deconstruct my self-worth like small lego blocks, I fall apart
I want to be a cloud in the sky with all my friends

I breakdown to synthetic whores
They always make me feel adored
Cheap lipstick covers up my sores
I become less and nothing more
Track Name: People As Flowers
In my weird dreams you come to me.
Now I can breathe.
Your love is free.

In the sea I can be.
In the sun I become.

We are flowers, twilight hours.
Tonight we die, we find white light.
Track Name: Shapes
Bury us underground where eyes can't see
Nightmares caress your thoughts, you fall asleep
Save me your final breath so I can breathe
Your heart's inside my chest destroying me

Forget the words that I say, they don't mean a thing anyway
As we begin to celebrate every colour will shift it's shape

It's time to contemplate just what you know
We'll never understand the life we chose
I'll never comprehend what I've been told
True freedom comes with death, don't feel alone
Track Name: Beta Sleep
I like to sleep
I can't dream
I can't sleep
I like to dream
I can't sleep
I can't dream
I can't sleep
I can't dream