I'm Not Here, I'm Not Real

by Elementals

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NobodySpecial Trains is for sure my favorite track! I love to Cobain-esque vocals! Great work guys, can't wait for more! Favorite track: People Of The Night.
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Jarhead This album gives me a boner. Favorite track: People Of The Night.
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"Messiah Complex / Alien Fetus" music video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkFQzHdk2XU


released September 11, 2015

Cody Smith - Guitar/Vocals
Rick Vaughan - Bass
Jamie Speck - Drums

All songs written by Cody Smith and arranged by Elementals

Produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Stefan Jurewicz

Album art created by Colin Bauer



all rights reserved


Elementals Ottawa, Ontario

Elementals are sons of the small town of Almonte, Ontario. Born in plaid with a smoker's cough. They are a gang.
A family with a drinking problem,
and a tendency to create honest music.
Sometimes it's just noise and screaming,
but that's what they're about;
and love,
all at the same time.

Cody Smith - Guitar/Vox
Sheehan Jordan - Guitar/Aux/Vocals
Duncan Reitböck - Bass
Jamie Speck - Drums
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Track Name: Alexandra
Tell me, Alexandra, are you near?
You're the only voice I want to hear.
Two corroded minds and insecure.
Tell me how and why you disappear.

Pure and innocent, friendly ghost.
My addiction gives me hope.

When you craft my dreams I rest in peace.
Turned me inside out or so it seems.
The king sings every song just for his queen.
You and I could die so happily.

Love infinity, all around.
Together finally, wear your crown.
Track Name: Debase
Dead kids, dead minds, screaming all of the time.
Soft kiss, dark eyes, I need somewhere to hide.
Help me help you find a light to crawl through.
Now I want to be a symptom of you.

Okay, why does everything debase?
Okay, why does everyone debase?

Be kind, rewind, please don't leave me behind.
Too weak to fight, I'm too tired to try.
I'll let you bite, you can take all you like.
You can confide, I'll pretend not to lie.

Okay, why does everyone debase?
Okay, why does everything debase?

Maybe it's best I end it all before it even starts.
Track Name: People Of The Night
People of the night in the street under city light.
I don't need your company, I just wanna live my life.
We all dance around to the beat of a broken drum.
I'm just sick and tired of being on this side of the gun.

Will you find yourself again?
Will you find another friend?
When you're high and everything.
These times, they never end.

When they come around they'll come around, maybe, I don't know.
Searching in the lost and found for the soul that I sold.
It all went down in flames, every place you called home.
You're just drifting through the motions of the oceans, you can't swim anymore.

Don't wanna be alone.
They always come and go.

I can't afford it here.
We're people of the night.
Track Name: Messiah Complex
It's all a fact.
Help me relax.
Is this my fate?
A chain react.
Divide, subtract.
You calculate.

You and I are the same.
Do not deny it or defy yourself.

The walls have cracked.
I let you pass.
This is my fate.
From first to last.
I chose this path.
I'm not afraid.

I wish I would have refused.
We were something to do.
Influenced by the moon.
Softly fall into you.
Track Name: Phantoms
Let's murder ourselves tonight
Everyone's invited
Don't keep us a secret
The truth is contagious

It's our time now
It's our night now
It's our crime now
Don't make a sound

We've broken our promise
Can't help the dishonest
Three phantoms returning
For no one, for nothing
Track Name: Belladonna
C'mon, baby.
Stay all night.
In the morning.
All the time.
Oh, my darling.
I have fell in your garden.
Wishing well.

You're so comfortable with death.
I mustn't beg.
But you're so loveable, my friend.

C'mon, baby.
Hide your knife.
Never sorry.
Always right.
Oh, my darling.
Time will tell.
Keep me under your poison spell.

You're so comfortable with death.
I mustn't beg.
But you're so loveable, my friend.
And we can play your favourite song until you're gone.
And I won't say another word, till it's my turn.
Track Name: Trains
I broke my heart today 'cause that's what you wanted.
And waved at all the trains I thought were in motion.
I tried to save the days that we adopted.
And with the dying flame we fall for the water from the world.

Let you down again and I lost my only friend.
'Cause I know I'm alone just like you.
Sadness pioneer, just how long have you been here?
Telephone, silent tone, all I hear.

I love everyone but I hate them just as much.
Dead ego, dead hero, where'd you go?
Unreflective mirror, you are always so unclear.
Leave my home, burn my bones, I'm not real.